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QR Codes

See some real world examples of QR code campaigns:

One of the most interesting trends in mobile marketing in 2012 is the adoption of QR codes. These 2D, point and scan consumer codes allow a mobile user to capture and link to content your business provides, whether it is a web link, access to multimedia files, subscribing to a SMS alert and news feed, or any marketing interaction you can think of. Similar to UPC symbols, these small byte-sized codes can be read with most smartphone’s onboard cameras, and acted on by an app on the phone, or the phone’s own software. Businesses can generate multiple, different QR codes for printing and distribution, for different offer access, or distribute different codes to different location to track consumer interaction metrics. One of the key factors in QR codes for 2012 is adoption of format, and State of Text provides QR code consultation and services for production for leading edge code formats. We want to ensure all our clients can reach the maximum amount of mobile users they can.
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Want to try QR codes for yourself?¬†Below is an example QR code for this website. Depending on your mobile phone, either launch your QR code reader app on your smartphone or take a picture of it if that’s how it’s configured.

Scan this code for a web URL

This code can easily be a code tag for your website, a particular product, multimedia content such as movie trailers, ringtones, pictures, music, or any offer you would like to give to customers. Plus, it can be easily added to your existing materials.