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Mobile Web

mobileweb377% of the world, as of January 2011, are mobilesubscribers. 40% of Internet users also access the web through their mobile device. Those are staggering numbers as compared to even last year, and they are deceptively subtle in the real world. It’s still a common mistake of many companies to not offer at least landing or contact pages that are mobile-friendly to their customers.

mobileweb1Fewer than 25% of businesses have optimized their content for mobile browsers.  This can leave potential customers frustrated when trying to interact with your brand on-the-go and could drive them into the hands of your competitors.

State of Text Mobile Web Services

mobileweb4State of Text recognizes that creating a mobile presence is essential to any company looking to enhance their digital presence and create a comprehensive marketing program.

Your customers are not always sitting in front of their computers looking for your business. They are on the go and want to connect to you anytime, anywhere.  Our seasoned experts can advise you on how best to maximize your mobile presence with your existing website and explore emerging opportunities in mobile marketing.

We can also provide an easy to use web mobile subscription plugin through our AirTouch Capaign Manager and our API Services.

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