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Mobile Applications

Custom Mobile Marketing Applications And Text Messaging Software

State of Text is an in-house software development company that can assist with the rapid development of any mobile application. Trust an in-house software development company with a combined staff expertise of over 18 years. State of Text has developed all types of mobile applications on behalf of its clients, including iPhone Apps, custom text chatting programs, and unique  mobile marketing campaigns which feature intricate message flows. State of Text is your trusted partner when looking to develop a custom mobile marketing or text messaging software application.

Custom development can take time and cost lots of money and its important to partner with a company that has the knowledge and experience of developing custom applications in a timely manner with no unforeseen delays.

Our in-house development teams can handle many different types of projects and can program in multiple languages.

Custom General Mobile Development Services

Our custom application development capabilities are second to none. Clients can request our custom development services in a number of areas, including:

Mobile Messaging Applications 

  • Interactive SMS
  • Mobile billing applications
  • Rich multimedia delivery campaigns

WAP Site Development (XHTML, WML, XHTML MP, CHTML, HTML5, CSS3, WebKit)

  • Design, Hosting, & Monetization
  • E-Commerce, Promotional, or Content Sites
  • CMS-based Sites
  • Intelligent Content Adoption (device based)

Mobile Application Development (J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android)

  • Development, Testing, & Porting Services
  • Carrier Certifications Service
  • On-deck Placement
  • Off-deck Distribution

Current App Development

State of Text’s current application development: Hooters of America’s Hoot Beach app for iPhone

app1 app2