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Database Scrubbing

Mobile marketing and the versatile method of segmenting your database of customers through keywords sounds great, but often times businesses have been collecting customer contact information for many years. There is usually a large percentage of those records that contain incorrect, outdated, or invalid data. The last thing that any business wants to do is pay for contacting dead customer records, especially if that database has reached a large size.

State of Text offers a filter process called Database Scrubbing, where your contact database is automatically analyzed, filtered for redundant or incomplete records, and the mobile phone numbers contained in it are scanned to see if they are active mobile subscription numbers. This is a helpful tool to keep your customer contact record database clean and accurate, and reduce your overall cost of reaching out to these customers.

This service is available with an account of our AirTouch SMS and Mobile Campaign Manager. Check out AirTouch’s feature page for more information.

Note that only customer numbers you have collected following MMA guidelines can be used for this service. This is to protect the privacy of mobile subscribers as well as your brand integrity. For more information about MMA guidelines and a consultation to see if your organization is compliant, contact us to get started.