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API Connectivity

State of Text also offers API SMS/MMS solutions to clients who need direct SMS/MMS sending and receiving applications and API connecitivity to our delivery bandwidth for their own applications.

SMS/MMS API Connectivity for your business applications

State of Text, through hosting partners, has several nationwide servers dedicated 24/7 to serving live API connectivity for your applications. Through either of our package price plans, we can provide real-time statistics of your SMS/MMS usage as well as help manage your premium and subscription processes.

Our API also comes with an extensive PDF user manual for full feature controls. Contact us today to speak to a sales specialist to answer your questions on this service.

Our AirTouch API Integration WebToolKit

Need a mobile application integrated quickly, or just want to involve your site visitors and customers into your mobile program? Try our AirTouch API Integration WebToolKit. This collection of web applications will let you easily integrate a State of Text SMS account into your web applications. Featured function applications include:

  • Web Join Subscription
  • Text Confirmation Codes
  • Phone information/Carrier Information Lookup
  • Web Registration/Confirmation with Mobile Phones
  • and Much More!

We also will consult with you on your custom web integration needs. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you.

Want to try out our Web Join Subscription Toolkit?

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