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AirTouch SMS & Mobile Campaign Manager

Our Text Messaging Software and Campaign Integration

State of Text’s AirTouch SMS & Mobile Campaign Manager is a powerful, easy to use online application that allows you to create and run live campaigns, create new keywords to break into multiple campaigns at once, send text messages and social content to your subscribers, monitor results and interaction in real time, and so much more! Features for different AirTouch text messaging software sections include:

  • Creating and modifying keywords that customers text in with, and the response text message to the customer
  • Sending and scheduling SMS messages days or months in advance to your subscriber lists
  • Monitoring, in real-time, effectiveness of your campaigns and subscriber activity and response
  • Generating QR codes per keywords for adding in to your marketing campaigns
  • Creating keyword groups, to group together and organize your keywords
  • Creating sub user logins with multiple user admin levels, and add in clients with a brandable campaign manager; great for ad agencies, multiple locations or resellers
  • Send messages to: SMS, MMS, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds
  • Text-to-chat functions for service operators, or customer help response

Social Media plugins for managing your social media needs

View the Mobile Web tools in Airtouch, which allow you to create landing optin pages, media rich presentations, and more

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