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Mobile Paging

The Restaurant Paging Industry – Innovating Customer Service with State of Text

The vast majority of restaurants in America still use the outdated system of physical paging module devices to alert patrons when their table is ready.

paging_serversCons of physical pagers:
• Cannot use to re-market to clients later
• High initial investment
• Replacement of lost or damaged pagers can cost hundreds a month
• Damaged, dirty or outdated pagers hurt brand image of restaurant
• Physical pagers carried by multiple patrons carry germs
• Difficult for hostess staff to keep track of and charge pagers as needed
• Takes up valuable space at hostess stand
• Battery life of devices only 3-5 years
• Limited freedom for guests


Introducing Mobile-Powered Paging Systems – updating customer service for cost and loyalty benefits

paging_smsWhen restaurants switch over to an SMS-powered model, they have the ability quickly recoup their investment, develop a database of clients and eliminate the need to replace lost systems or upgrade equipment.


Benefits of our Mobile Paging System

  • Remarket to existing clientele to drive foot traffic back to the restaurant on a repeated basis
  • Lower startup costs and fees
  • Payments scalable by size of restaurant and can easily grow or shrink plan as needs dictate
  • Web-powered platform enables hostesses, servers and other service staff the freedom to access and use system from any web-enabled touch-point